Inspire Project

The CFC Inspire Project

Cancer for College works to help our scholars thrive through and beyond college. We connect our scholars with successful business people that teach them valuable skills and also create important connections that will help them find the ultimate success.

Monthly Personal Conversations with Board & Donors facilitated by CFC Staff

Quarterly Educational Experiences

Thrive 4 Life

CFC Impact

As part of THE CFC INSPIRE PROJECT, Cancer for College has implemented monthly meet ups between scholars, board members and donors. We call these meet ups CFC IMPACT. It’s an opportunity to learn more about the needs of the scholar, provide professional mentorship and share wisdom to positively impact their future.

The program also exposes new donors to our scholars and the services we provide.

CFC Learn

The second part of THE CFC INSPIRE PROJECT, CFC LEARN involves quarterly educational events. A small group of recipients is gathered for an educational experience and discussion designed to expose them to professionals working in a field that is of interest to the scholar. This experience also exposes potential donors to our scholars and forms a more personal bond.

CFC Thrive

The final component of THE CFC INSPIRE PROJECT is our new life experience program we call CFC THRIVE 4 LIFE.

This is a program designed to expose our scholars to specialized educational experiences, field trips and life skills that will help them Thrive 4 Life! We bring in specialists and experts to share their knowledge and experiences to help our scholars live their best life. We want to provide our scholars with the best possible transition from college to the workforce and the life that awaits them ahead.

If you’d like to get involved with this program, please contact


How can you make a difference in the life of a cancer survivor?

Share your expertise with the next generation of doctors, lawyers, nurses, social workers, teachers, accountants, engineers etc. Invest in the next generation. We provide the motivated scholars and your share your experience and resources for something as simple as a hosted lunch meeting.

Want to make a deeper commitment to helping these scholars thrive?  Host an educational event at your business or serve as a featured speaker at one of our special educational events.  Sharing your experiences is incredibly valuable to our scholars.

Why help our scholars? Our scholars are highly motivated to make a difference in the world. They are an impactful place to invest your time and resources.

The relationships formed between our scholars and the people who are moved to support Cancer for College create a bond that lasts beyond a scholarship. These experiences can make a lifelong impact on the scholar as they work their way toward their degree and ultimately transition from student to the professional work force.

See firsthand the impact your guidance and support will have on a scholarship recipient’s life. Make a meaningful impact in the life of a cancer survivor.

For more information on our educational programming, please call 760-599-5096.

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