LA Times: ‘Step Brothers’ Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly reunite to serenade Snoop Dogg for his birthday

Photo by Tony Gutierrez:AP

Uncle Snoop Dogg became one of the “Step Brothers” over the weekend when Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly surprised the Long Beach rapper on stage for his 52nd birthday.


Snoop was a guest at the Greek Theatre on Saturday evening for Ferrell’s Best Night of Your Life 2 benefit concert for cancer survivors. After the trio performed, Reilly made an announcement.

“Yesterday was a very special day — it was Mr. Snoop Dogg’s birthday — now let’s sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the greatest rapper in the world,” Reilly said according to a video posted on Snoop’s Instagram.

The video, taken from backstage, showed the moment when a crew member wheeled out a three-tiered cake set with candles. Before launching into the birthday song, Snoop whipped out a blunt and bent down to use the flame from the candles to light it up.

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