Luminaries Partner Program

College life is always complicated, and most of our scholars are learning how to be college students while also navigating survivorship or cancer treatment for the first time. As an organization committed to helping them thrive through college and beyond, we believe it’s imperative to provide support in all aspects of life—not just the financial.

That’s why in 2023 we partnered with Luminaries, an organization run by a fellow cancer survivor, to deliver wellness kits, education, and support to cancer survivors. We were honored to receive a generous donation (from a supporter who prefers to remain anonymous) allowing us to offer Luminaries services to our class of 2023 Scholars.

About Luminaries

Luminaries is the first non-profit to deliver science-backed solutions through free self-care kits to cancer survivors’ doorsteps. Their mission is to enhance the care of Survivors by providing tools to manage the side effects and stress of treatment—primarily focusing on supporting those facing financial hardship and health equity disparities.

About the Program

Through our partnership, Scholars receive three wellness kits throughout the school year, each focusing on two core areas: Kit 1: Sleep and Rest + Gratitude, Kit 2: Hydration + Fuel, Kit 3: Breath and Focus + Movement. They have opportunities to regularly engage with Luminaries founders, Laura and Brock Hendricks, as well as each other, to discuss their struggles, insights and victories related to survivorship and the program. 

Luminaries Founder and Cancer Survivor Laura Hendricks
Luminaries Co-Founder Brock Hendricks

What’s the need?

There are an estimated 16.9 million cancer survivors in the United States.
Less than 1/2 of cancer patients say they were prepared to transition into survivorship.
In the U.S., more than 85% of children diagnosed with cancer will survive.
By 2030 the cancer survivor population is projected to be 22.5 million.

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