We like to do fun stuff for fundraising. We actually like to say that we put the “fun” in fundraising.
No, really, we just said it about 10 minutes ago and everyone laughed. It never gets old. Check out the most current events along with some of our past fundraising events. You will find cool things that we have done or are doing with our friend Will Ferrell along with other events that we do when he’s not around. Check it out!

For the most up to date info about events, please call our office at (760) 599-5096

Rockin’ in Seattle

Taylor Hawkins (of the Foo Fighters), Chevy Metal & our Seattle Friends Neptune Theater, Seattle Friday, May 1, 2020 Turn it up to 11 for a night of dirty rock…
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Mega Mixer on the River

Join us in Chicago for our very first Cancer for College event in the Windy City.  The event will feature live music, heavy appetizers and a hands on mixology class…
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One Classy Night: Carolina

Details on the 10th Annual edition of our “One Classy Night – Carolina” event will be coming soon with the event schedule for the fall of 2020!
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Bike for Hope

Cycle your way to better health while helping cancer survivors get back on their feet and achieving their dreams of a college education! The 2020 event will be held this…
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