Charity aims to help cancer fighters graduate college, build careers

Cancer for College is a 30-year-old nonprofit that says it has granted more than $5 million to students with cancer, plus cancer survivors who missed school because of treatments. People of all ages nationwide can apply for aid.

Founder Craig Pollard beat cancer three times. His second battle was during college, when he got a bone marrow transplant and spent a summer in the hospital. After he was released, he volunteered as a counselor at a camp in LA. On a parent visitation day, moms and dads told him how great it was that he was still attending college after what he had gone through.

“They had exhausted all of their funds for just ancillary costs …  travel costs, and parents having to quit jobs to be able to take their child to radiation treatments every day or to chemo. … That’s when the light bulb went on, and I went back to college for my senior year in USC Business School, and wrote a business plan on starting Cancer for College,” he recalls. Read more…